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Business Improvement Districts-

As a Business Improvement District, Partnership or Association, there is a particular interest in hearing about solving a nagging problem. Over 50 million pieces of gum are chewed every day. Unfortunately, most of this is disposed of improperly causing a major problem for business owners and those responsible for maintaining public areas.

It is GumBusters' Mission to remove chewing gum wherever it exists, on any surface indoors or out and in any venue.

Just look down, gum pollution is everywhere!

Take a Look at one of the many BIDS that that has purchased our Gumcarts to clean up the city streets.

Stand by for Gumbusters! Mayor Delfino Introduces Gum Squad Today Posted on Wednesday, July 30 @ 22:58:30 EDT by jfbailey

WPCNR CITY HALL CIRCUIT. From Rick Amiratto, The Mayor's Office Get ready! Get ready!

The Gumbusters are coming! ! !
White Plains Mayor Joseph Delfino will arrive in downtown White Plains with the Gumbusters, who will make their debut outside of 100 Mamaroneck Avenue. The Gumbusters will be armed and ready with special high tech weaponry and will begin their new assignment, which is sure to amaze and astonish -- ridding White Plains sidewalks of carelessly discarded chewing gum.

When there is icky chewing gum all over
the sidewalks, who you gonna call? GUMBUSTERS!!

The City of White Plains and the White Plains Downtown BID are partnering again to keep your sidewalks beautiful and gum free. The BID will be operating a gumbuster machine that removes gum from the sidewalks by using steam and a non-toxic chemical solution. The gum dissolves in seconds leaving the sidewalk gum free. Look for the street sweepers with their gum removal machine on your block.

The BID's Clean Sweep Program:
The guys in yellow are keeping our streets clean in rain, snow, sleet and hail. We can always count on them to sweep up behind the litter bugs. Since June 2002, 15,487 bags of garbage have been collected by street sweepers which is approximately 1,549 bags per month and 52 bags per day -- that makes for a much cleaner downtown White Plains. This garbage is in addition to what the City's Public Works Department collects.

The BID's Clean Sweep Program:
Partnering with the City of White Plains
to keep the Downtown Clean

For more than a year the White Plains BID in conjunction with the City has sponsored a program designed to improve the cleanliness in the downtown. Due to the sheer volume of pedestrians on the streets particularly during lunchtime and in the evening, litter will accumulate and garbage containers will be filled.

The Clean Sweep team, clad in highly recognizable and brightly colored yellow tee-shirts, is continuously walking through the downtown, sweeping the sidewalks and emptying the litter. On average, more than 2100 bags of garbage per month are collected by the Clean Sweep team.

The Clean Sweep Program is more than a cleaning program. It also aimed at improving the image and the perception of the downtown. The program signals to residents, visitors, and workers that the City and the BID believe it is worthwhile to invest further in the City. The cleaner the downtown, the more willing people are to come down to shop, eat, and spend their leisure time. The program has been praised by property owners, retailers and visitors alike for the marked improvement downtown.




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