gum removal machine

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– undermining social and business environments
With the removal of Gum and Graffiti transforms the appearance of an area, the real ‘wow’ factor can only be achieved if Grime is removed also. Pavements, building entrances, car parks, and tourist areas are all areas where grime and dirt builds up despite the best efforts of existing cleansing operators. In addition signage, facia boards and overhead canopies all attract grime and mold and, if left uncleaned, can spoil the look of many otherwise well presented sites.

With the increasing regulatory requirements being imposed under various directives, Health and Safety is becoming an ever more important consideration.

Much of the work 3G undertakes is in ‘safety sensitive’ areas e.g. underground, on roofs and in food processing facilities. 3G understands the relevant regulatory requirements and has in place systems which address the training and accreditation needs of its operatives and management. This is essential as organizations are paying ever more attention to the credentials of the contractors they use for specialized cleaning operations.




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