gum removal machine

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                         Before GumBusters                                       After GumBusters Treatment


Discovery Channel Segment "Dirty Jobs"  Left to right

James Broomfield, Professional GumBusters; Mike Rowe (not so professional GumBuster); Anthony Mule' Executive Director/Vice President; Joe Lustri, Technical Support

Mike Rowe Along with GumBuster Crew removes Gum From sidewalk Using Patented GumBuster Technology

Filming GumBusters on Discovery Channel with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs Segment)


The GumBusters concept originated in Holland in 1998; when a chemist invented the solution to gum pollution. The Gum Cart, which is the centerpiece of our program, combines an environmentally safe solution with 300 degree 96% dry steam and disintegrates the gum in about 5 seconds. This PATENTED PROCESS is exclusive to GumBusters and is only available through our system.


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