Who you gonna Call?: The gum buster

Anthony Mulé goes to work knowing he will face some sticky situations. It's been unavoidable, ever since he started working as a professional gum remover. Susan Spencer finds out what it takes to clear sidewalks of gum. GumBusters, it is our job. GumBuster's patented gum removal system will help you eliminate chewing gum pollution. The result: a spotless image - fast......!!!

It seems like Magic, but it is research. After being used in Europe for a decade, we now remove gum from virtually any surface - indoors or out - throughout America. Soiled carpets, flooring, upholstery, furniture and pavements are quickly restored after a treatment by GumBusters.

While it devours gum, the Gumbuster method is gentle to surface and safe for the environment. It is extremely effective and yet completely non-toxic.

Our GumCart uses 4-8 gallons of water per day without disrupting normal business operations compared to Power Washing, which can use up to 8,000 gallons of water per day.

The bottom line is that our patented gum removal method out-performs the traditional methods of scraping, harsh chemicals and power washing which can be disruptive to business and pedestrian traffic.

GumBusters system is eliminating gum pollution both indoors and out without disrupting normal business operations. anytime anywhere.

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Featured products

GB Compact

Battery Operated GB 1 Compact
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Battery Operated GumBuster GB1

Worlds First Battery Operated GumBuster Machine
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GumBuster Provap Gumcart

GumBuster Gumcart - Provap Gumcart Provap GumBuster

GumBusters Jr. Machine Vapor 6

GumBuster’s patented GumBusters Jr. Machine Vapor 6 combines steam with an environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning solution that disintegrates gum and grime on any surface indoor or outdoor.

Provap Evo Vac


Robby 5000

Robust, reliable and tough on everyday dirt grime

Steam & Vac Pro

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Steam Force 20 - SF20

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SteamForce 10 SF10

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SteamForce 3 SF3

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SteamForce Eco

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