Provap Evo Vac


Provap Evo Vac

Heavy Duty Cleaning Applications

Healthcare  - Decontamination

The new Provap Evo Vac and our best selling Steam & Vac Pro.
The technology behind the tools is based on the application of controlled superheated dry steam vapour (DSV) by purpose-designed steam vapour delivery tools, allowing its safe use in the daily and periodic cleaning practice within a healthcare environment. Used in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures it ensures an effective and hygienic decontamination
Laboratory evaluations using OspreyDeepclean Dry Steam Vapour machines have established the safe removal of hospital infection strains in less than 2 seconds. Trials at University College London Hospitals* confirm that surfaces contaminated by each of the test organisms were successfully decontaminated by the OspreyDeepclean process - without chemicals.
The study focused on the decontamination of high-risk, high-contact surfaces: bed frames, mattresses, and chairs, from MRSA, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella and the spores of Clostridium difficile.
These results have also been independently validated by the prestigious TNO institute in The Netherlands.
Use of the OspreyDeepclean process minimises the need to dismantle equipment or take bedside curtains down for cleaning; beds and isolation rooms are soon safely returned to use.

 Independently validated decontamination results
 Helps achieve consistent sanitation to the highest standards
 Dry steam vapour generated at 350° F / 180°C and delivered at 9 bar pressure
 Integrated water filtration vacuum unit leaving surfaces clean and touch dry
 Compact, easy to manoeuvre and store
 Optional healthcare specific accessories specially developed for high risk contact areas
 Area specific Standard Operating Procedures available on request for user training
 Tackle infection control issues with confidence
 Ideal for the healthcare and residential care sector
 Cost effective and environmentally friendly


 Kitchen / Ovens / Bathroom / Tile / Grout


 Provap Evo Vac

Product Code M6047
Power Requirements

110V/60Hz/15 Amp /

230v 50/60 Hz/13 Amp

Max Power 1750 Watt / 3000 Watt 
Steam 9 bar nominal
Boiler Capacity 3.4 Litres
Boiler Material RVS AISI 304
Heat Up Time Approx. 5 minutes
Autonomy Continuous Operation
Detergent Facility Yes
Detergent Tank 5 Litres
Indicator Yes
Cable Length 4 metres
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H ( in cm)) 49cmx43cmx105cm
Net Weight 32Kg
Ship Weight 36Kg
Certification GS-TUV, CE, IPX4
Boiler Temp 350° F / 180°C
Adjustable Presure Yes
Incorporated Pressure Yes
Wet Vacuum 1000 watt
Vacuum Tank Capacity 5 Litres
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Provap Evo Vac


Provap Evo Vac special Gumbusters Bundle

Provap Evo Vac special Gumbusters Bundle