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GumBusters Is a company that specializes in removing chewing gum from virtually any surface!

While our Gumcart devours gum, the Gumbuster method is gentle to surface and safe for the environment. It is extremely effective and yet completely non-toxic.

Our GumCart uses 4-8 gallons of water per day without disrupting normal business operations

The bottom line is that our patented gum removal method out-performs the traditional methods of scraping, harsh chemicals and power washing. 

GumBusters system is eliminating gum pollution both indoors and out without disrupting normal business operations.

Lethal to Gum; Friendly to the Environment

GumBusters According to the latest published figures, over 50 million sticks of gum are chewed everyday and most of that is disposed of improperly. Just look down the next time you are walking on a street, by a shopping mall, near a hospital, a movie theater or are in a public place. Those disgusting black spots are gum. Gum pollution is everywhere!

Can you imagine the demand for a system that removes chewing gum from almost any surface, concrete to carpet, indoors or out? Every landlord, management business  or facilities manager who cares about the appearance of their building values this service. GumBusters is the latest innovation in the ever growing $50 billion dollar cleaning & maintenance industry. Double digit increases are expected through 2010 with projected growth topping $90 billion dollars annually. This opportunity could be yours!  

To learn more about GumBusters call toll free 866-U-GOT-GUM (866-846-8486) for a free brochure or register at our website contact form.

GumBusters Videos  GumBusters being used on the streets of New York and New Jersey in the latest bid to beat the problem of discarded chewing gum. It means gum that would have once been left on the pavement for weeks can now be cleared up in seconds thanks to the machine's high-power suction. It will also mean that New York and New Jersey, Property owners which bought the machines, can clean graffiti to help meet tough new targets for cleaning up abusive artwork.

GumBusters Distributor We are the original Gumbusters of New York. We are your one-stop shop for any GumBuster machines, and all their supplies, including but not limited to: Brushes, hoses, chemicals, nozzles, and many other accessories.