GB1 Battery Operated GumBuster

Worlds First GB1 Battery Operated GumBuster M6072

Worlds First Battery Operated GumBuster  - Dry Steam Based Gum Removal system 

Operated by two 12volts 115 AGM gel Batteries safely operated in any weather condition.  Can Be used in places where electric outlets are not available and generators cannot be used. One full charge provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation.


  • The first of its kind 
  • Tough and Robust Stainless Steel Body. Completely Silent Operation 
  • Uses an environmentally friendly Detergent derived from a sugar surfactant 
  • Unique pre-mixed 10-liter water/detergent tank. 
  • The GB1 has no cables
  • no noise pollution
  • can be used in any weather conditions. 


One full battery charge will supply enough power for your average working shift and running costs are as little at $2.77 per hour, removing up to 500 pieces in that time.

But don't take our word for it, visit our youtube channel to see the GB1 in action.




Product Code M6072
Power Requirements 2 x 12 Volt Batteries 125AH
Heat Up Time Approx. 6 minutes
Autonomy Continuous Operation
Detergent Facility Yes
Water / Detergent Tank 10 Liter
Indicator Yes
Net Weight 94Kg  207 pounds
Ship Weight 150Kg  330 pounds w/ crate
Maximum Vaporizing Chamber  140C  284 Degrees F.

58cm x 107cm x 84cm

22in x 42in x 33in.

Automony  up to 6 hours



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