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GumBuster’s patented GumBuster  Machine combines steam with an environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning solution that disintegrates gum and grime on any surface indoor or outdoor. The GumBusters Provap. System out-performs the traditional methods of scraping and harsh chemicals.  The gum is removed without disrupting normal business operations and eliminates those unsightly black spots from your sidewalk instantly. The GumBuster system can also be utilized to clean restrooms, tile grout, aluminum and stainless steel.


Compact and easy to transport, the GumBuster Provap Machine offers proven performance and reliability. The super-heated steam is delivered at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit at 7.0 bar pressure (90 PSI at the nozzle).


Currently, there is no commercially available substitute or comparable competitive product with the same performance characteristics.

There is no other product that can meet the demanding need of removing gum with the method and speed of our Gum Removal System.

The Gumbuster system can also be used to clean and disinfect restrooms, tile grout, aluminum, stainless steel and to remove stickers.

GumBusters' proprietary cleaning agent AAA Gumfighter Solution is extremely effective and completely non-toxic.  The GumBuster gum removal system uses only  4 to 8 gallons of water per day.   Our patented system removes gum from virtually any surface — indoor or out — safely and efficiently.  The results are instant !

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 Provap Gum Cart Specifications

Power Requirement                            110v or 230v Models 

Maximum Power                                 1750 Watts / 2600 W

Steam Pressure                                  9.0 Bar. Nominal

Boiler Capacity                                   3.4 litres

Boiler Material                                    RVS AISI 304

Heating Up Time                                 Approx. 5 minutes

Autonomy                                          Continuous Operation

Detergent Facility                                Yes

Detergent Tank Capacity                     15 Litres

Indicator for lack of water                   Yes

Cable Length                                      5 Meters

Machine Dimensions                            (cm) 49cmx43cmx105cm

Net Weight                                         36Kg

Shipping Weight                                  40Kg

Certification/Marking                            GS-TUV, CE, IPX4

Max. Boiler Temperature                      356 Degrees  Farenheiht  or 180°C

Adjustable Pressure Output                  Yes


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GumBuster Provap

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GumBuster Gumcart - Provap Gumcart Provap GumBuster