Steam Cleaning Uses

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Our Steam Machines Can Help !   Our Machines produce 300° of dry vapor steam which helps Kill bacteria, Viruses, mold, mildew, and many other allergy causing pathogens. Corona Virus is susceptible to steam vapor and Dry Vapor Steam can clean and Sanitize most any surface. 


The Global Steam Cleaner Market is expected to witness high growth over forecasted period. Steam Machines uses dry vapor steam in order to quickly clean, sanitize, and dry inanimate surfaces. Steam is effective enough to disinfect and sanitize surfaces.  Our Steamers come with a range if insulated accessories and tools that allow steam to be applied onto many surfaces.

Steam Cleaner do not have a need of using chemical cleaning solutions, hence, are examples of green cleaning.

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SteamForce 20 - SF20

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SteamForce Eco